Your Voice

Orange ManRepresentatives: Amplifying Student Voices

You have a student voice – use it at Bradford College. You have the right to influence college decision making so that you can be satisfied with your course and your learning. You might fill out a survey and let people know how you feel, or you might start or join a campaign and get lots of students involved.

The easiest way to have your say on the way your course works is through Student Reps. Every programme of study has at least one Student Rep and all classes should have one.

Voting for the Executive Committee

Remember that you can also take part in the annual elections to decide who will be on the Executive Committee of the Students' Union. Find out more.

Attending the Student Parliament

The Parliament meets at least once a term, and all students can attend. This is another way to get your views heard, and to get to know the Union. Find out more.

Bradford College Comments and Complaints

The College sends out regular anonymous surveys, and has other consultations with students. These are also a good way to raise any concerns, questions or ideas and we encourage you to take part. There is a formal complaints process, and you can approach the College directly about this, or ask the Students' Union advice service to help you if you want to make a complaint.