Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the nearest cashpoint?
Why isn’t there one on campus?

A: The college has a contract with a bank that means they need a whole room if we have one on campus, so the college prefer to keep rooms for teaching and other needs, especially in other college sites. There are some near all of our sites, though.

Near Main Campus: The Premier convenience store, Greggs bakery, and Pepe's Chicken on Great Horton Road "up" from College all have free to use cash machines. Don't use the ones "down" by the ATC and Omar Khan's, as these charge nearly £2! There is a free Natwest cash machine in the University's main building entrance, wheelchair accessible from Richmond Road opposite Subway and Priestley Lettings. (Large motorized wheelchairs may not be able to access this machine.)

Near Trinity Green: The nearest cash machine is at the shop near the corner of Easby Road and Claremont, or Greggs / Pepe's / University as above.

Near Victoria Building: Walk towards the city centre along Thornton Road. There is a free cashpoint next to the Southgate News, two at the Tesco and Post Office on Sunbridge Road, and one at the Buffet Central restaurant off Centenary Square.

Near City Training Services and Forster College: If you head down Chapel Street there is a cash machine in the convenience store on Leeds Road, or across the road from there in the Vicar Lane leisure centre. There are several cash machines in the Broadway shopping centre.

Near Bowling Back Lane: The nearest cash point is on Wakefield Road at the BP garage heading away from town on the other side of the road, which is 5-10 minutes walk depending on the traffic.

Q: Where is the Students’ Union bar? I heard on the Internet there is one!

A: We don't currently run a Students' Union bar at Bradford College. Alcohol is served with food in the Grove Restaurant, David Hockney Building if you have ID. There are also loads of bars and pubs right next door to us!

Bradford College's main campus and Trinity Green are in the West End district of Bradford, centred around the Alhambra Theatre which is opposite the Advanced Technology Centre. Bars within a 5 minute walk of campus currently include Flares Reflex, Circle/Tiki-O, Glyde House, the Wetherspoon Turls Green, and the Westleigh Hotel, as well as cafes and restaurants. The Sir Titus Salt, Brew Haus, Love Apple and Bier Keller bars are currently closed.

College students are not currently welcome in the University bars on Longside Lane / Student Central - we appreciate this has changed a lot over the last few years, but their current policy is to refuse College students entry. You must have a Bradford University student card or library card to use University bars and you may be ejected or refused service without one. We are looking to provide snooker/pool at College once a suitable space and storage can be found.