Clubs & Societies

What is a society?

A society is a club or a group of students who come together sharing a particular interest. It is led by the students with the support of the Students’ Union.  A society can be based on your course, faith, political beliefs, sporting interests or even based around your favourite films just to name a few!

Why join a society?

A society is a great way to meet like-minded people, create new friends and explore new interests. It also allows you to make the most out of your college experience. Also, the skills you obtain from being involved in running in a society, such as leadership, team work, managing of finances, look excellent on your CV.

There is a list of current societies on the drop down menu. Can’t find one that interests you? Why don’t you create one!

How do I set up a society?

To become a society you need five students who share an interest. It’s as simple as that! Fill in our paper form (available from the SU office), you will then be contacted by our Student Societies Co-ordinator (so please ensure you leave an email address) who will invite you for a cuppa and a chat where we will discuss ideas for the society and how we get the wheels into motion! 

Please see the menu on the left hand side for the list of current student led societies.