Advice Service Update



Important Notice


It is with the greatest of sorrow that we have to announce the following:


After decades of service to the students of Bradford College, the Independent Advice Service is now closed.
The Board of Trustees and Management have attempted everything in their power to protect the service going forward but in light of the College's estate reorganisation, we are not prepared to provide any service that fails to offer the fundamentals of confidentiality and discretion.

We deeply regret that after thousands of students have been assisted we have had to close the doors of the service one final time.

The Union wishes to express our gratitude to those dedicated, talented staff and volunteers who served our student membership to resolve the varied challenges that might otherwise have knocked them from their studies.

Your efforts cannot be measured and you will be remembered by those grateful students for many years to come.



John Gilfillan, General Manager – 31st July  2019