Academic misconduct/Plagiarism


Academic Misconduct/Plagiarism

If you receive a letter from your department inviting you to attend a meeting regarding a specific piece of work, this normally indicates there has been an allegation of plagiarism or an assessment offence is thought to have been committed.


To put it simply, plagiarism occurs when someone uses another ‘persons’ work as their own, without crediting the source.


If you are accused of academic misconduct/plagiarism you should seek support from the Students’ Union Adviser who will be able to discuss the accusation with you and explain what will happen next and the possible outcomes/penalties you may face.


Where do I ask for help?

Contact Kath Denison Adviser at Bradford College Students’ Union

Email: suadvice@bradfordcollege  or phone (01274) 433007 or come to one of the drop-in sessions listed above.